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I was looking into getting a 14-inch ibook soon. Im torn between the 1 gHz 768mb ram and the 1.2 gHz 256ram (which i would add 512mb later on my own). They would cost about the same if i got my 512 stick from crucial and installed it myself. How is installing extra memory on the ibook? Is it relatively easy? Should i go for the 1.2 or get the 1gHz (which I would not tamper with)? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Apple suggests memory installation will take a whopping 20 minutes for do-it-yourselfers. You'll need a screwdriver. Check here for details.

    I think that if you read the instructions and proceed carefully, you'll end up congratulating yourself on your technical prowess and your shopping skills as you enjoy your new 1.2 GHz iBook.
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