Future plans for Bryce for DAZ

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Creative Planet Interview with Bryan Brandenburg


BRANDENBURG: We've already introduced our DAZ Turbo Import solution to move any of our products into Bryce. So what that means to the customer is that there are thousands of very inexpensive models, textures, etc. from our Web site that they can use today. And we did that within a week of owning Bryce. We will release a version 5.5 this fall and a "SuperBryce" next year. We have a lot developed "under the hood" for Studio, and we'll be able to leverage a lot of that technology.

Wow what a novel concept, forward development! I read this article and for the life of me couldn't understand why Corel struggled so much but then it hit me. Corel nothing nothing of 3D compared to Daz and other companies. They are better served by focusing on Painter 9 and making sure that app is maintained. Bryce is now in good hands and I will actually pick it up sometime next year when ver 5.5 comes out. Happy to see Daz's eagerness in making it "one of the family"
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