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When did Apple allow .Mac to work on Windows.

I know that I have always been able to view mail and address book, but the other day I went to edit my homepage and was able to edit and update everything.

The page used to say something like "you need a mac" but now it just worked.

Way to go, maybe they will start marketing it to Windows customers.


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    Originally posted by geobe

    When did Apple allow .Mac to work on Windows.

    Only very recently, i think. It happened at the same time as they introduced a few new HomePage templates + the Advanced / html capability.

    I agree that this was fairly under-the-radar...

    the .Mac team seem to introduce small & useful new features with sometimes little to no fanfare. They added spell-checking to the .Mac webmail interface a couple of weeks ago!

    Sometimes, the .Mac newsletter will showcase new features. They may have done so for the new Windows accessibility.
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