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Hello people,

I am new to Macs. I know there are three file extensions for installers - .dmg, .bin, .sit Am I right? I know abt dmg and sit, what about bin? Can I run .exe applications on MAC? How do I go about uninstalling an application?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    You may want to start over here. The very second post courtesy of the old admin should answer your questions. OS X apps tend to be fairly self-contained or place things in very specific allocated places, prefs folder. Some installers have an uninstaller built into them as well but that's rare given how easy deleting an app is normally.

    Unlike Windows there is no kludge to clean up.

    As it happens none of those extensions are installers. .dmg is a disk image and usually just contains the app or an installer. You'll notice when you double click on one it'll mount a disk for you, or sometimes it'll mount automatically depending on settings. Limewire is a good example it contains the installer within the image.

    .sit is a StuffIt compressed archive, similar to a .zip but it compresses better normally. It's courtesy of Aladdin Systems. There is also .sitx, which is their new compression method.

    .bin is another form of encoding...not really sure.
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    n20ninen20nine Posts: 10member
    Thanks telomar for the wonderful explanation.
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    mcardlekmcardlek Posts: 3member
    I myself am also new to macs but the beauty of them is that you just delete a program when you don't want it. No going to the control panel or finding the uninstaller. The same goes for installing programs. You can install them with an installer or if you have networked macs you can just drag applications over and 99% of the time they work
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    n20ninen20nine Posts: 10member
    I never knew it was so easy. Unlike Windows, go to Control Panel and uninstall and still you will find some problems.
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    what's even cooler that i learned, if you hold the apple key and t when you turn on a computer when it is plugged into another apple via firewire, the computer that you are holding apple and t will show up as a firewire harddrive on the other computer which is excellent for moving files and programs.
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    n20ninen20nine Posts: 10member
    wow, that's super cool. Apple os truly great! Thanks for the tip Kevin.
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    wjmoorewjmoore Posts: 210member

    Originally posted by Telomar

    The very second post courtesy of the old admin should answer your questions.

    Off topic but anyway, what happened to Brad?
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member

    Originally posted by WJMoore

    Off topic but anyway, what happened to Brad?

    Strange things have happened to people who asked that question.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    In a very condensed version of the story he had some disagreements with Kasper, he made plans to split off the boards and basically stage a revolution in a private forum. Kasper found out and closed the forum, Brad went crazy and did some stupid stuff and left for greener pastures.

    That's the very condensed version so needless to say leaves out a few facts
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