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I'm not sure if this goes in digital hub, but i'm asking for help so i put it here. sorry if this is wrong. I'm traying to update my ipod in itunes 4.5 on 10.2.8.

When I let it synch it tells me that not all the songs can be transferred because they aren't supported by my ipod. the part I don't get is that half the songs that it is rejecting are ones I ripped the other day in AAC. I have a 3G 15 gig. I"m not sure what the os version is on the pod. it isn't the latest one. Anyone have some ideas? THanks


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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
    Have you tried updating the firmware on the iPod? I think AAC came out after your iPod was released, so the original firmware might not support it.
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