OS X Screensaver And Energy Saver Problem

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Under the topics:

"Screensaver & Black Screen"

"display black after log in from screensaver "

There are many other references to it on other places on the Net, absolutely no one knows what is causing it. All that is known is that it has something to do with the energy saver settings. You can go for a couple of weeks before it will happen or sometimes it will happen twice in the same day. It doesn't seem related to a particular model and I've heard people say they have gotten it with a fresh install of the OS. I don't think I've heard of anyone getting the problem pre-Panther - I never did before I upgraded.

You can force a logout with the force quit menu combo or you can login from another machine and kill your users process tree. Not that really is any help, since you lose your work either way.

Is anyone else getting this problem or have any idea what the cause is? So far people who have reported it to Apple have gotten no help at all.
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