The Butterfly Effect

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Has anyone seen this? I would preface this post by saying that I dislike Ashton Kutcher tremendously as an actor (this movie being the only exception). I took the wife to go see this when it was first out on the big screen and purchased the DVD last night. After watching it a second time I've reinforced the fact that this is a pretty damn good film. There are many disturbing parts and a few jumpy scenes but overall this is a rollercoaster flick that I would reccomend to anyone who likes to be taken on a ride. Anyone else have any comments on it?


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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    I was pleasantly surprised, too. You have to accept the time-travel stuff on it's own terms, though. I know some people couldn't make that suspension of disbelief.

    I root for Ashton since he's an Iowa guy anyway, and thought for his first drama he was pretty good. He underplayed some of the scenes he needed to.

    My favorite part was the kid that played him as a pre-teen. I thought he channeled Mr. Punk'd perfectly.

    I liked the mix of brutal and funny, too.

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    playmakerplaymaker Posts: 511member
    I absolutely agree. They certainly were'nt affraid to keep induldging in one really uncomfortable situation after another, but this set the pace for the whole film. I laughed my ass off at the wake up as a fratboy scane. It was one of the few opportunitys you get to laugh about...aside from the constant who's sleeping with who going on in the bed next to Evan. Good film.
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