Please help: Laser printer purchase

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I was hoping you can help me.

I'm looking for a laser printer. I did some research on them but I'm still not sure.

This is what I need:

1- Speed is not really an issue but durability really is. It

needs to be a

workhorse machine

2- Print quality is a factor because it will be used for

designed items

(with photographs and illustrations)

3- Postscript compatible

4- Network ready

5- Mac OS 9 and OS X compatible

6- Automatic Duplexer

7- Letter size, legal size (even maybe tabloid)

8- Price range: $2000 to $3000

I found

Tektronix Phaser 540DT

Xerox Phaser 6250DX

Xerox Phaser 6250DP

They are all Xerox. Maybe there is(are) another brand(s) better?

Please help me, Thanks.


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    No HP!!!!
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    We use a Phaser 860 in our departmental library and a Phaser 8400 as our workgroup printer. I've been really, really impressed with both of them. They're heavily used and have held up very well. The 8400 has run without a hitch for the six months we've had it. The 860 is used extremely heavily, and has required one service call in the last 2+ years.

    Printing is very quick, colors come out nicely (never used them for photos, though), duplex works great, and the ink sticks are very convenient and fairly reasonably priced (cpp for text about 1.5c). Xerox has OS9 and OSX drivers. We have the optional network card for both; they were very easy to set up.

    The 8400 is the new "budget" Phaser, and our tricked-out model still ran under $2k. The 860 is an older, higher-end model. I've never used the 6250, but I'd figure it would be at least as impressive as the 860.
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