DSL screw-job

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Verizon DSL now claims that the service runs at 1.5 mbps down, and 384 up, but we still get the old 768k/128k so naturally I called to enquire after a verizon billing agent told my mom we were slower than what we pay for, and told my mom to call DSL tech support to raise the cap, sounds simple enough, then mom has me call tech support, thus the fun spinning starts:

Me: ?are we supposed to be getting 1.5/384?

Her: ?yes sir, that?s right.?

Me: ?OK, could you up the cap then??

Her: ?One moment please?

Her: ?We cant change it, you are on frame relay, a frame cant go faster than 768/128, you would have to get an ATM connection.?

Me: ?how do I make that happen??

Her: ?you cant, it is a crap shoot, if you disconnect and reconnect your phone line then you may be able to, but even then, it all depends on what the tech decides to give you?

Me: ?well then why do you advertise 1.5/384??

Her: ?the fine print says ?up to? 1.5/384?

Me: ?that?s just deceptive, why should I keep this connection when for 5$ more the cable company will give me what they advertise, I mean they don?t have to sell on deseption.?

her: "let me add some notes to your file"

---goodbye---call ends-----

Is she right? Was I given the runaround? Can it be changed? Should I give up on DSL?

Any one have experience with this?
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