Power mouse options

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Is there an app for OS X that will let me designate actions for mouse button combos in applications? Ok, that's confusing, so a quick example:

I've got a Kensington mouse with left, right, scrollwheel, and two thumb buttons. In my browser I have specified (using USBOverdriveX) that I want the two thumb buttons to be "back" and "forward" in page history (well, actually CMD-RightArrow and CMD-LeftArrow). Now let's say I want to be able to page up/down with the mouse as well. Is there some way I can designate, for instance, holding the scrollwheel button down while pushing a thumb button to page up?

So sort of like keyboard key-combos for the mouse. I haven't seen anything in USBOverdriveX that allows this.


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