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I came across this article on the OSOpinion web site

which offers a view on the IBM road map for future chip production, it looks very good and I sure hope its accurate. To quote from the article

"IBM confidentally expects to hit 10 GHz with the PowerPC 990 in mid-2008"


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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    A bit too much bravado and hype. If the author knew what he's talking about... Where's my friggin PowerMac [email protected] dammit?!
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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    Well, news of the '975,6 or 980' all seem somewhat mythical.

    However, at least one of the above numbers was featured on an IBM webpage in the orient.

    So, we KNOW that A chip is coming. It's just a question of when.

    I'm a little disappointed that the 3 gig has put the whole road map back half a year? (Yeh, I don't know that for sure...but seeing how Apple 'eeks' out increments at times...)

    It looks like the FX chip was comfortably expected to reach 3 gig and the 'packaging' or 'electrical leakage' issues put paid to that.

    I'd rather Apple accelerate the move to the '975' starting at 3 gig. Go all dual in the towers and have the FX 2-3 gig range for the single cpu iMac 3Gs.

    The 975 sounds rather exciting based upon the web whispers.

    Extra integer and fpu units. More bandwidth. It could turn out to be a firebreathing, x86 ass-whupping chip.

    However, based upon recent slippage, I don't see the 975 until mid-2005 with dual core now out early 2006, some 6 months after amd and intel get them.

    Unless IBM/Apple surprise us with a fall bump or intro' of the new chip? Instinct tells me we'll get the 3 gig limping half a year later out the gate.

    Surely there's more sense bringing out the 975 which (again accord' to rumour...) hasn't had the packaging issues etc.

    The dual 2.5 gig is competitive at the high end. With a Geforce 6800, loaded with 4 gigs and a 30 inch monitor, what more could a creative pro' ask for?

    I'm tempted.

    However, I was promised 3 gig dammit. And psychologically, I WANT that number. Yeesh. Wintel have had 2 gig and even 3 gig ish numbers for quite some time. We've only just limped past the dreaded 1 gig forever G4 territory...BLURGH!

    Lemon Bon Bon
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    leonardleonard Posts: 528member
    Actually, I don't see much backing up what the author says. Where the heck are the numbers in table two coming from? Anybody can make up a table of numbers like that. There's nothing in that article that backs up the numbers in table 2. If he said that the numbers from table 2 were as the result of current yields, I'd believe the article, but in my opinion, those numbers are pure guesses. Are the numbers from table 2 derived from the performance of the POWER chips? Ie if the POWER 5 chip runs at said Ghz, the PowerPC 980 will run at a proportionally higher Ghz. Ditto for the POWER 6 and PowerPC 990. How can he have factual info on the POWER 6 though, it hasn't even been fabbed yet.

    As someone else said, looks like bravado and hype to me.
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