here in japan with some inside news

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hey i'm here in japan. i'm a marine and i'm messed up because of alcohol.i will probably post later on when i'm not messed up because i want to buy a computer. i want a mac but anything that has pornography will do just fine i really don't give a rat's @ss right now because i am drunk on hennesy, hypnotic, bacardi 151, in general, doing marine things. well, i'm here proteccting all your @sses from communisim. By the way, it sucks here and i wish i were in iraq doing some anti-terrorist activity but i'm not so i'll deal with my life and get drunk to the point that i'll pass out and i need some kind of motivation because i don't think that i can take more of this shi!. i really wish i was in cancun in spring break. by the way i wanna buy a computer and i need advice on which kind of mac to buy. all i really want to do is look at naked chiks but since i am a mac loyalist i wanna mac and i dont wannt an i book or a desktop what are my choices? at this time though, i don't give a [email protected]*K.

semper fidelis

long live the marine corps


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    Didn't you mean in vino veritas?

    At any rate, purchasing advice belongs in General Discussion, so *hup* I'll do a fireman's carry over there...

    BTW, I think your choices are the 12", 15" and 17" PowerBook.

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