New Orleans Public School Board

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If anyone even questions that there is racism in the south even today then here is a brief synopsis of the circus that is our New Orleans Public School Board. The Superintendent for the New Orleans Public School System, Anthony Amato, has been under attack for his attempts to clean up the horrible public school system in New Orleans (one of the worst in the country). Heres a little background on Mr. Amato

The school board comprised largly of ineffective members and headed by Cheryl Mills, school board president have tried everything in their power to have Mr. Amato fired or removed by any means necessary. They have gone so far as to have after hours school board meetings that do not include Anthony Amato to discuss what is in the best interest of the New Orleans Public School System. Mr. Amato has cracked down on the accounting practices of the school board and has been given sole power to award school contracts himself taking power away from some board members. This has infuriated several of the board members who previously were involved in awarding contracts to whomever they saw fit (and whoever gave them the biggest kickback).

Over the last year Amato has removed and prosecuted employees of the school system for crooked practices. One former school board member's relative who was a janitor at one public school was found to have received over $70,000 in salary the previous year alone. There is a group of 4 black women on the school board headed by Cheryl Mills who are trying with desperate measures to have Anthony Amato removed from the position only months after giving Amato (whom I think is Jewish) a B-plus on his performance review. Many of these school board members site that Amato doesnt understand what is in the best interest for the Black Youth whom occupy the majority of the Louisiana Public School system. State law makers have deemed the New Orleans School System as being "academically in crisis" and this applies only to New Orleans (it should also be noted that this was in place prior to last year when Amato was introduced as the new superintendant). Heres some additional information

No child left behind doesnt seem to apply to these greedy school board members unless theres a kick-back involved and they dont have anyone watching over them.
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