Need Advice on UPS for 2.5GHz G5

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I have an open order for a 2.5GHz G5 and a 20" display. I want to get a UPS backup.

What capacity UPS do I need? I just want time enough to do an orderly shutdown. I used the APC selector ont their site and it recommends a 800VA unit for the dual G5. This seems undersized since the specs on the dual 2.5 G5 say it draws 9.5 amps.

Also, is there a UPS unit that will signal the G5 to go to sleep when the power fails?



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    altivec_2.0altivec_2.0 Posts: 995member
    I have a Belkin UPS 1000VA which I'm very happy with. I wouldn't go with the 800VA only because the PowerMac has a 600 watt powersupply. Not saying you will be using all of the 600 watts, but just incase. You may be using like 400 some watts, plus maybe 90watts with the monitor.

    The 1000VA has a max of 550 watts. Which should take care of your needs. It's for mac and has a nice little utility to monitor and test the UPS.

    Look at some of your local staples or best buys, I found mine for only $100, it retail price is $140.
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    applebookapplebook Posts: 350member
    20" UXGA LCDs can be purchased for about $1000. Just increase your manufacturer choice: LG, Samsung, Viewsonic, etc.
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