FedEx From China PB 17" Shipping Rate!

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First of all my shiney new PB 17" is on it's way!!

It was a BTO, I opted for a faster HD & more Ram. For some reason I thought it would be shipped from somewhere in the states. I checked the FedEx tracking to see where it was at and was surprised to find that it was just leaving the FedEx Ramp in Shanghai China!

I realize that Apple most likely gets a heck of a deal on volume shipping, but I was wondering what it would cost a mear mortal like me to ship something from China. I did not know the exact size or weight, so I just guessed at 15 lbs & 13"x18"x10". Plugged in the numbers and destination (Canada) in FedEx's rate calculator. It came up with $188.13 US dollars!


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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    Yes, thankfully we are not charged for ground shipping. There are some PC companies who will charge over $100 for shipping desktops if there is not a free shipping promotion.

    Did you go with the 2-3 day or ground? What does everyone normally recommend for orders to the USA? Should I pay $15 for expedited? Does it really get here quicker?
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    stjobsstjobs Posts: 45member
    In my experience, Apple's expedited shipping blows balls since it generally takes a certain amount of time for the order to process, the computer to ship, and be built (if you go BTO).

    FWIW, I expected my dual 2.0 G5 to be shipping from Taiwan, but it's actually en route from Anaheim. Pleasant surprise, I guess - I know Apple used to configure BTO machines in the States.
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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 894member
    It may cost you $188 to ship the 17" from China, but there is no way it costs Apple that much. They are going to have a hell of a deal with FedEx and probably take a full plane at times. Paying extra probably means that when there is limited room on the plane your laptop will get a space and the 'free shipping" orders will wait until the next flight.
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    djmbdjmb Posts: 120member
    my 15' PB got shipped from China too. it arrived the next day, very fast shipping, and i did the Free option
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    Got it yesterday. Still moving into it. My old 15" Ti looks so clunky next to it.

    I got an apple wireless mouse with it. When I first insalled it I had the little tension button flipped up on the "+" side. The thing actually got warm. So I flipped it down to "-". Didn't notice any less friction or tension or whatever, but the mouse cooled down. Could be a nice hand warming feature in the winter, but I imagine that it will suck back the batteries, heating up like that.

    Normally I use Safari, but I subscribed to the FedEx tracking site with Explorer & had it check the site every minute. So I could track it's progress without going to FedEx sites every five minutes. This way I actually managed to get a little work done while I was waiting for it. FedEx is probably noticing some extra bandwith, now that my powerbook has shipped
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    djmbdjmb Posts: 120member

    i got the new 15', not Ti but Aluminum, and i cant imagine having 17'.. im always taking it around y house, on the couch.. watchin movies, simpsons.. talking with people, anything bigger just isnt mobile
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    By Clunky I meant condition. It has a thick painted bezzel with the paint flaking off, the paint is worn shiny on the palm rest area, It's just in rough shape. I didn't treat it poorly, it just didn't stand up to 2 years of wear very well. My Lombard before that stood the test of time well.

    I agree with the mobile thing. I was contiplating a 15, but I looked back at the way I used my last laptop (mostly at a desk or table). For some reason I didn't tend to be as productive on the couch when the Simpsons were on
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