New spam adherance is bogus.

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Remember about a month or so ago, that it became law that you have to provide a 'working' opt-out if you send spam.

Well, stupidly, I decided to take up the offer. I used to get about 5-10 spams a day, which I'd 'Junked out' and that was pretty consistent over the last year. I opted out of the spam, and couldn't believe it when my spam dropped to 1-2 a day...for a few weeks. But now Im suffering under a deluge of spam, 20-30 a day, from the organisation I opted out of. Not to mention that several new sources now have my email and are spamming me too.

Oh well, it was nice in principle!


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    well, having worked in the email marketing field, i can tell you that the legit organizations offer real, working unsubscribes. and they have been doing it for a long time, too. but the true spammers only offer it as a means to tell which email address is legit and which one doesn't work. even if they don't use your email address, they can always sell it somewhere else, which then DOES distribute it as a working email address. and that law was, to my knowledge, only a US law, so if the spam is orriginating outside the US, they are simply asked to abide by "best practices" and follow it. i know canada was thinking of adopting a similar law.

    and, of course, the average person doesn't know which lists he/she unsubscribed out of that caused the deluge of spam, which then causes them to never use the unsubscribe again.

    and often you don't eeven have to unsubscribe... you just have to LOOK at the email, as the images are tagged with names specific to your email address, and hosted elsewhere. then a simple script just watches to see which images get downloaded/viewed, and calls that a valid address and begins the torrent. aren't spammers just the lowest form of evil?

    anyway, these days, i just take the full internet headers off my emails, and forward them to my spam report receving department (thankfully, i am only on some list right now where i am receiving text-based emails, so no images load... that i know of). i was getting 5-6 a day, now 1 or 2 every other day.

    just remember, if you don't report it, they can't be caught. if you want an easy way to do it, and you use entourage, check out maury mccown's free entourage script, spamreporter, available by clicking here...
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