Can someone tell me if SpotLight in TIGER can index this...

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I use the "Comments" metadata tag extensively in Mac OS X. I use it to provide a simple couple word summary for my PDF files and such. I also use it as a way to relate the file to other files I have on my system.

For example...

If I have a PDF file and two Word files that all are related to this project I am working on, I simply put the project name in all of their comment tags.

Currently, you can't even search for any data in this field using the Finder's search mechanism (CMD-F). Why? I don't know.

Since Spotlight can index and search just about everything, has Apple allowed SpotLight to index this part of a file's metadata.

This is very important because this could make my life so much easier since I usually have all my files spread all over in my system.

While I realize those who do have TIGER are under an NDA, a simple yes/no would go a long way.

And if it isn't, could someone who does have TIGER please suggest it to Apple as a future feature.

I have already sent feedback, but the more the merrier.



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    burkeyburkey Posts: 5member
    On the drive you are searching, have you indexed it (get info --> index now)? This may allow the search mechanism to find that data, but I'm not sure.

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    mpmoriartympmoriarty Posts: 289member
    Yes, I have already enabled searching.
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    I've also sent this feature request to Apple, actually I'm wondering if they'll enable entering comments right in the finder, not having to open the "get info" window all the time (which is a major drag). You can show the comments field in list view, so it'd be nice to simply click in that field and enter metadata.
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    No, Spotlight does currently *not* look in the Comments field.
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    thats a major bummer. And i bet its fixed by the time Tiger is ready for release.
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    I hope your right about Apple fixing this.

    I want to be able to add and search for data in the comments field like I do in iTunes.
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