Apple Expo NY? SF?

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I live in Boston and will probably not go to the current Macworld Expo (I blew too much dough on a camera just now).

Everyone knows about the blowout between Jobs and the Macworld Expo folks (so that Apple isn't there at all) but have you noticed that the news section is utterly devoid of coverage (as of now). Sure it has the San Francisco 2004 mention but zero on the current one.

I figured they'd at least hype it to help promote the Mac is still worthy of it's own expo. Perhaps they will mention it when it's over.

I assume Jobs simply doesn't want to advertise (give Macworld Expo free publicity beforehand). He must have been seriously pissed that it's back in Boston. A NYC shown now would have been kick ass.

Something I've felt will eventually happen is that there will be a consolidation of Expos, that Apple will totally sever the Macworld tie (i.e. third party expo management) and instead roll WWDC and Apple Expo into one expo for both pros and consumers. (I plead ignorance whether Apple Expo Paris is run by Apple or not)

With the success of the Apple Retail Stores, and WWDC (and strong NY and SF Macworld Expo shows) Apple can certainly go it alone and do two U.S. expos of their own.

Now, do I think it will happen or that it's a good idea? No.

I mean, the fantasy is nice. It would be awesome. However times are good and we wouldn't want to ever get into a situation where we burned our 3rd party bridges but suddenly needed them. Plus having 3rd parties having to pay Apple for floor space might be an interesting conflict of interest or at least awkward (like if Adobe/Karelia/Arlo Rose/etc. say "screw that!" if the money goes straight to Apple).


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    Apple made it clear to IDG that they would not attend a MacWorld in Boston. They kept their word. SF is still on the boards. Word has it that Microsoft and Adobe were given free booth space to display in Boston. This will be the last MW in Boston, no doubt about it. If it returns to NYC it might bring back Apple, but I believe they have decided that MW SF, WWDC and the Paris Expo are all they need. They have been releasing product in-between these events more and more in the past few years.
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