PowerMac G5 PCI layout

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How is the PCI slots on the PowerMac G5 layed out. Is the 133Mhz PCIX slot right next to the AGP slot. That's kinda bad because if the video card takes up that slot, your bandwidth for a second Gigabit PCI card is downgraded.

I'm just wondering because I'm proabably going to set up a server on the next G5 i get, but I'm also going to get the 6800.(which is a waste X800 all the way ). I'd like to put a second ethernet card in the 133Mhz slot not 100.


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    According to the G5 setup manual, AGP is slot 1 and the 133GHz is slot 4.
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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
    I don't know which slot can pull 133MHz. However, 100MHz PCIX has more bandwidth than Gb Ethernet, so sticking your second network card in the slower slot shouldn't affect the performance of your network.
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    thanks all
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    The PCI-X 133 slot is at the top when you look at the back(farthest away from AGP slot)

    As far as the other 2 slots, just remember that the slowest card you put in either one of the 2, that is the speed that both cards will use regardless if the other card is faster.

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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I have a dual 2 GHz G5. It has only the newer PCI-X slots, which I thought were backwards compatible with older 33 MHz PCI cards.

    However, when I tried to transfer an OrangeLink FireWire/USB PCI card from my Beige G3, I found that the card would not fit in my G5's PCI slots! It should be no problem to install it in older towers, including G3s & G4s.

    What gives? Did I miss something here?
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