How about a "For Sale" forum?

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I suggested a games forum a little while back, and that was rejected because there were "not enough gaming threads". But there are a serious amount of for sale threads, to the point of being banned from General Dicussion. Sure, I know that eBay is prolly the best place, but it's nice to sell your stuff in a more personal, goodhearted environment. On eBay, you can't make decisions upon demand. (For example, "Will someone buy my old display so I can put $200 plus the money from my old display, or should I put part of that $200 towards an ADC-to-DVI adapter, etc.

Just my $.02


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    This recently came up here.

    I don't see where those threads have been "banned from GD." There's a longstanding policy ensuring that the threads are from members to members, rather than an open invitation to spam the boards, but that's hardly a ban.

    The volume of buy/sell threads in GD hasn't struck me as being out of hand, but with two threads on the issue in a short time, I'll look more closely at the issue.

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