Chaffin vs Enderle Deathmatch

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OMG read Enderle's comments and just for a bit try to fathom how anyone...I mean anyone would pay this man money for consultation.

Oh this one got me good. I have to get up off the floor.


Therefore, the only likely outcome is for Apple to exit the consumer PC platform business to focus instead on the growing markets for cross-platform accessories like the iPod and the Airport Express.

"thunk" that's my jaw hitting the floor in disbelief. Ummm yeah Rob <backing up slowly>


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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    Whatever. Enderle is a hack, and I think everyone knows this. Now, the mac observer isn't exactly the WSJ either, but that's not my point.

    My favorite line: "MS is going to release Longhorn in 2006."

    Riiiiiiight. I guess in 2006 we'll all have the dual core MP 6GHz x86's with 2 gigs of RAM and a terabyte HD. . . all things MS has recommended for Longhorn.

    How long has intel been at ~3GHz now?
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Enderle, Thurrott and Dvorak a/k/a "The Three Stooges"!

    On second thought, I apologize to Stooges fans.
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