REALISTIC suggestions for new iMac 2004

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What I'm asking everyone to post here in this thread:

Based on fitting in the 4+ product line-up, hitting the consumer plus (prosumer catagory) and current prices and tech trends...

What do you think could the specs be for the new iMac and what price point would be "reasonable" (not yehaa great...or what your Aunt Cheryl would buy)?

My suggestion for the average consumer:

? One processor...a G5...1.6 or 1.8 GhZ to keep costs down and choice simple.

? Upgradeable Hard Drive (20-40MB less highest PowerMac HD, 5200 RPM)

? Upgradeable graphics card (standard card be 'ok' for most folks...1 or 2 other choices for gamers and semi-pro designers).

? I/O: 2 FW400, 2 USB2, DVI, Bluetooth, Digital Audio, Airport Extreme (option), ports in front like G5 tower

? Small, visually distinctive case

As to AIO vs. 'Headless'...AIO is great IF the price basicly makes the monitor FREE. If an AIO with non-crippled features can cost between $999 and $1400, THEN AIO is fine. It must be cheap if you're going to throw out the monitor when getting a new computer.


Apple can give "rebates" to ALL iMac owners on their new Mac...$50-75 for CRT iMacs, $200-$300 for LCDs....takes the sting out of the "throwing away the monitor" perspective.


We've all read or made suggestions that fall in the wish list catagory;

G5 2.5GhZ, 6 slots, headless, detachable/wireless LCDs for $500

and the pessimistic viewpoint

G4 1.8 Ghz, Same inclosure, different color, won't ship till January

and the "I won't buy until they put ... in it".

There is a fine line between realistic (Apple can still make a profit, it's better than it is now, but NOT as good as the pro line for a price tag in the middle).

Most of the posts I've read either accept minimal is what's going to happen or expect a machine better than the pro line for eMac prices.


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    kenaustuskenaustus Posts: 904member
    Personally I hope they put the money on the inside of the box.

    While there is a lot of potential for a lower priced iMac there is also a market for the $2,000+ version.

    The way to address this, in my opinion, is to offer different screen sizes and a good range of choices for the inside. Lower priced iMacs would have the slower G5's that IBM is getting in their yields and then move up to a 2.0 for the top of the line. FSB speed would tie in with the G5 speed and faster memory would be allocated, based on range. The main area of spending across the entire range that I would like to see is the SATA drives. Finally, I would hope for options in graphic cards on BTO orders.

    As for the screen, I expect a 17/18" screen for the lower ranges and the 20" for sure. Moving above the 20" is an interesting thought - especially since the iMac line will probably be the single processor G5 line for a while.

    The iMac presents a very challenging task for Apple. Sure, they want to hit a lower price point than the old version, but they also want to address customers who are prepared more, but not as much as a PM & 20" screen. (And, yes, I was ready to pull the trigger on a BTO 20" iMac in January when I decided to wait for the G5. $2,000+ is there if it is worth it.) Hell of a challenge.
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    By golly! Another cloned thread!

    Perhaps it should be locked? The other one is getting the most use... m.
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    Please use the other thread for discussion, thanks.
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