Superdrives can't read DVD+R & DVD+RW?

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Is it correct that the superdrives in Powerbooks are not capable of reading DVD+R & DVD+RW disks? What about the combo drives? Can they read DVD+R & DVD+RW? Or can they only read DVD-R and DVD-RAM? Thanks for the help.


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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    I guess this was a stupid question, since the stats clearly do not mention DVD+R and DVD+RW. However, I'm still surprised that they would not support reading these formats. \
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    I'm surprised too. I thought they only had the inability to BURN these types of media. However, most of the newer powerbooks have drives that support both, but are limited by the firmware due to politics. I found a 3rd party firmware update for mine a while ago, and it bumped the speed up to 2X and also added +R support. Slightly risky mod though.
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    leppoleppo Posts: 66member
    I heard somewhere that they work but aren't offically supported. Dunno, I've never tested it.
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    I have a TiBook 867 with combo drive purchased in November 2002. It won't read the + format. However, I took a DVD+RW disc I had burned on my PM G4 to CompUSA and tried it on a G5, PM G4, a PB and iBook and it mounted on everyone. So I guess the newer drives will, the older ones won't.

    If you can you might want to take a + disk to an Apple dealer and see if it'll mount.
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