AVC gets broadcast "win" in Europe

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Microsoft loses out due to the less "Open" characteristics of WM9(VC-9).

Translated: read the good news here


In order to ensure a homogeneous setting in?uvre and to avoid a fragmentation of this incipient market, ITS ASTRA and its partners were appropriate of the minimal technical specifications necessary for the emissions in TVHD, based on the open standards such as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC. Compatible screens HDTV must present:

This is great news. Voom is thinking about moving to WM9 broadcasting which is a bad idea when you have codecs like AVC which are far more open and offer the same level of quality. This is great news for broadcasting however because if AVC can supplant MPEG2 TS and WM9 it makes it easier for STB like PVR to record the smaller bitrate. AVC could carry 3 channels in the same bandwidth(19.4Mbps) that MPEG2 TS does. It makes more sense from a broadcasting standpoint to use the most efficient codec.

I'm hoping AVC picks up some more wins.
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