PC users are more optimistic than mac heads!!

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Its pathetic for me to see all you people "naysaying" (as good ol' Tenacious D would say) Apple. I hear more positive things from friends who use PCs than I do from Mac users. They all like the new case --including me (i've only found about 5 mac people who like it), and they think the dual config is good, and is...awesome..specially for not a significant price increase. Sure we don't got "true" DDR, but we got a lot, and if its fast...then...does the "true ddr" really matter anyways? 18 gigaflops schools the P4 1.5 GHz we have @ home (mom bought it ...cuz her work uses em..)..it gets somewhere around 3 or 4 Gigaflops. And people are complaining that you can't get the Radeon 8500...but...why would u want it when u can get the Ge4Ti..which is faster and double head? I think this was a very nice move from Apple, and I am looking forward to seeing some 3rd party performance tests.

Just take it easy all you guys, you get so wound up and critical. Take a look back and smile. Find the good, I think you will appreciate your things a lot more.

I think AI needs a rant thread where people can just piss out of their mouth whatever they are mad about, then no one who wants to hear complaining wont have to read it.

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