Need Harddrive room ASAP

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I'm going to be editing a short 10-20min imovie, on my laptop. But I only have about 5 gigs of memory left. I have about 10gigs of songs on my computer, and my iPod. I was thinking that dumping these would be the fastest way to clear room on my harddrive. I am only going to be editing this movie tonight and then putting my music back on my computer.

So what should I do?

Delete all my music from my hard drive? Then add it from my ipod? Is that possible?

Make like 15 CD roms, of my music? Don't want to do this since it would take an hour or more?


Please confirm any advice given.



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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    You could do this:

    -Delete all the music from your ipod first, you have them on your computer and you cannot transfer music back easily when the music is on the ipod for playing

    -Copy all your music onto your ipod's *data* side, this would be done in Finder

    -Copy your itunes music library and preferences just in case (saves your playlists and things like that)

    -Delete music from hard drive

    -Run imovie

    -Copy stuff back from the ipod into the same place they were previously (so your itunes library is consistent)

    -Copy music back onto ipod in iTunes
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