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Hey everyone,

Not sure I'm in the right area for these questions.

I'm on a powermac G5 running OSX 10.2.8

I want to build a website on .mac so I can host an online petition and other information, including photo's, audio files, and video files. I'm interested in the .mac service because of all the other featues too, and the compatibility with my computer and OSX.

But, I need the site to be compatible for windows users, since 90% of people will be connecting to it through windows machines. It doesn't state in the info for homepage whether it is cross platform, even though for other features like idisk, it is cross platform.

I went into the discussion boards, but I can't post unless I have an account, and there is a lot of talk about problems with windows users, and that Apple has been unresponsive about them. Unless there is near perfect syncronization with windows users, signing up for an account is pointless for my purposes at this time.

Does anyone have any information on this? I need help fast because I am on a deadline.

If .mac homepage isn't compatible at the moment, can anyone recommend a site I can host from a Mac? Free preferably.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    i'm not sure exactly what you're asking but every page i've ever put on my .mac account is cross platform. all the pages have to be html or javascript anyway to even show on a mac. so i don't think you'd have any issues. i file transfer stuff to my ftp on .mac for windows users to download all the time.

    i've never hosted a static html page on .mac though since i have my own webspace but i would nearly guarantee that they built it to be cross platform.
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    html is html ....

    the only way you'd run into a problem is if you post documents for download that are platform specific or application specific. (posting them in .pdf format eliminates this problem)

    You could also have problems with polls and petitions, but only if the page is coded with NON-STANDARD code. Stick with the publish standards and pages will load on ANY platform, no worries.
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    I use .MAC to share stuff with my friends and relatives. All of them use Windows. No issues. iDisk for Windows is a joke though. It doesn't work well.
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