Just something I must say

in General Discussion edited January 2014

I am not interested in your findings. I respect that you have found data to support some cause that you are happy with.

I respect that you want to share it with me and / or others.

I am simply not interested in what you have to offer with regard to this subject.

I will simply say and many here know me personally and will back this up:

I am a man of faith and my life has been a journey filled with growth in wisdom and understanding. I have changed very much over the time I have gotten closer to God.

I do respect you but I do not wish to discuss my faith with you.. You simply do not understand my journey over the years and that is ok. I am not faulting you for that.. It is just the fact of the matter.

I am sorry for posting this as a thread but I needed to reply to some closed threads in a public way.



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