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Hello all,

Sorry if these questions sound stupid, but anyway...

With the Airport Extreme Base Station that contains a 56K modem, does this allow for that Internet connection to be shared across all computers with an Airport or Airport Extreme card installed, which is in range?

Is that the point of the 56K modem, or is it for a different purpose, i.e. troubleshooting in cases of ADSL outages, etc?

If the answer to the first question is "yes", then how would one connect and disconnect the base station to and from the Internet ? this is done from the Airport menu item I'm assuming?

Thanks in advance... m.


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    When we first got our AE base station all we had was dial up. Yes it shares the connection with all wireless units out there. If your ISP for your ASDL does not provide a dial up connection option then the modem will be of no use to you because you need an ISP to connect to. We never had to used the modem for troubleshooting.

    Your original setup will be with the Airport Setup Assist. App/ Utilities/ Airport Setup Assist. Any other changes will be in the Airport Admin Utility. App/ Utilities/ Airport Admin Assist.

    Go ahead and set up both the dial up and ASDL info. It will stayed stored in there in case ASDL fails and then you can make the change back quickly with out having to look up numbers again.

    Under network we have airport status shown in the menu bar. Internet connect will be in the pull down menu. You can connect from there. If ASDL does fail you need to go into the Admin Assist to tell AE to change from Ethernet/ DSL to modem

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