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First post guys bear with me......

I have my 17" iMac connected to a 802.11G Netgear router that I use for my wifes Wintel laptop and my iBook. I just received my AE and want to use it at my stereo. My question is how do I configure the AE on my iMac which has no AE card, just connected via ethernet?

Any help is appreciated.


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    sammicksammick Posts: 416member
    I think you have to have an airport card in your computer to use Airport Express-I thought too that it would work off the Airport module itself, but apparently not. It works either off the card or directly via an ethernet connection.
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    In theory, you can enable "AirTunes over Ethernet" on the "Basestation Options" area of the AirPort Configuration utility.

    I have not done this with my setup, but I have read that this converts the WAN ethernet port to a LAN port.
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