Static while playing music through AirPort Express

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I have a set of Altec Lansing multimedia computer speakers connected to my AirPort Express. The plug is the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the speakers, which are connected to the AE unit without any adapters or converter cables. While playing music wirelessly using my PowerBook within a few feet of the AE, I am getting some static, or little "pops" in the audio. What's weird is that I only get this static when I play certain songs, but the thing is that I know that these songs are flawless (because I plugged in a pair of headphones and checked to see whether or not my songs were poorly encoded, and they AAC files were fine). I made sure everything was securely plugged in, and that my computer was well within 50 feet of the base station. I connected the speakers to the PowerBook directly, and I didn't get any static, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas?


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    reidreid Posts: 190member
    Can you try a different cable into the speakers? I'm plugging my AirPort Express into a receiver, and don't hear any static or anything.
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    uwhuskyuwhusky Posts: 1member
    I just got my AE today and connected it to a Bose Companion 3 system (3.5jack to 3.5jack line included in the Bose kit). I established a network from my G4 to AE and it streamed flawlessly. Granted I have only listened to 5-10 songs so far, but no sound problems encountered. The Bose system is just 2speakers/subwoofer with a built in amp (no receiver/amp unit).
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    The only thing I can think of is this. The same happened to me in my apt.

    I was testing out the extreme range of the AE. Streaming and downloading content from the web at that time, under a heavy load and at range there were pops in the audio stream or drops in signal. At shorter ranges no problem. Where is the AE located. Apple directs you to place it in an area as free from other wires as possible. Also, is it behind any wall?. Here in NYC the walls are framed out with steel which will limit the range of the AE. Placement is important.

    hope this helps!

    As for my setup with the AE it is located in a media closet. This is the area where all of the phone and cable comes in from the outside. It is also directly behind my audio cabinet and the plasma display. The walls are framed with steel and there is a ton of power cabling, ethernet and audio/video cables around the little puppy. Also to add a little more to its already big RF task, the back of a refrigerator is only 24" away. All told the sound is outstanding and the range is satisfactory.
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