PowerBook G4 Screen Scratch

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I would like to get some suggestions on how to reduce, or remove a small scratch from the surface of my PowerBook.

It's a 8-9 mm long, 'micro zigzagged' line, which behaves exactly like a small piece of fiber or hair would, except I can not wipe it off.

Thank you so much for you ideas!


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    semi-flysemi-fly Posts: 35member
    You could try Meguires Plastic cleaner:


    Or try rads:


    Just make sure you ginnypig the product first.

    This thread also has some good tips

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    What do you mean by ginnypig the product first?

    I just noticed that I forgot to include that the small scratch is on the LCD's surface, not on the case. As strange as it may sound, my PowerBook's case is spotless, but not the LCD and this makes my heart hurt so much.

    The Displex LCD scratch remover's info says that:

    Other LCD Applications

    Cell Phone LCD

    Laptop LCD

    Desk top TFT screens

    Palm held and hand held LCD's


    Do you think that it's safe to apply it in my case?

    Thanks, and sorry, I really hope you have some ideas on this one.
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    kwikfxkwikfx Posts: 15member
    ah-he means guinea-pig, as in try it out first - say on a corner of yr LCD that don't matter so much if it dies - or someone else's LCD!

    [guess it comes from use of guinea-pigs as lab animals]
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