Exporting slideshow from iPhoto with music

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Ok, so I went to a buddies wedding and took a bunch of digital photos. I then imported them into iPhoto and made a nice slideshow. I put music to it with songs from my iTunes library. I exported it as a Quicktime file and burned it to a cd.

Here's the problem....can you see it coming??

When I put the CD into the PC, I get a message that that machine is not authorized to play the music. I so I'm running into an iTunes licenseing issue. I could authorize it and it would work but the idea is that this is a gift and the recipient shoudln't have to authorize it on their computer, plus I could use up all the licenses.

Is there a way to burn a cd so that I don't have to authorize it?? I can burn the cd for the car and it works just fine. I'm thinking of burning it like it's a music file for the car (cda format) and then somehow telling the quicktime movie to reference those cda files but I don't know if that would work or how to do it. Anyone been down this road before???



p.s. my pc gave a blue screen of death too, probably unrelated, god I love my mac.


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    I have done what you are talking about but I used iMovie to make the slideshow with music (purchased from the iTMS) and then burned the "movie" to DVD. I haven't tried playing the resulting DVD on a PC yet but I imagine it would work.
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