making copy's of DVD with iDVD

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is this hard to do? i've got iDVD and need to make some copies of, cough, cough.. some live music dvds

now i did make dvd of a TV show that i got on, cough cough.. bit torrent but it was a total pain and the arse since i had do the sound and the video seperately because they didn't match up.

so is duping a DVD any easier??

edit: er maybe i used toast i don't remember now


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    See Posting Guideline number 10.


    Posting requests or information about obtaining pirated or illegally-distributed software is prohibited. Any and all such posts may be removed without warning. If the offending member continues with such posts, he or she is subject to immediate suspension from the forums for any amount of time the administrators or moderators deem necessary. Furthermore, asking for technical support regarding pirated software is also not allowed and will be treated in the same mannar as posts that directly ask for pirated software.

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