Hard Drive for Quicksilver (1GHz x2)

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Anyone know what the bestest-fastest-largest capacity internal hard drive that I can install into G4 Quicksilver? I think the stock interface is Ultra ATA/66.

Can I get an Ultra ATA/100? Should I get "Serial ATA" or "IDE/ATA" is there a capacity limit, because it's a couple years old?...so many choices, so many configurations, how does one know what to get... and which manufacturer?

And when I finally figure out which drive to get can I keep the stock 80 as a second drive?



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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
    You need IDE, not SATA. I'm not sure if there's a limit on the size or not. Officially, nothing above 128GB is supported, but Apple changed controllers part way through their run, so it depends on which one you've got. It won't hurt anything to use a drive bigger than the 128GB limit, you just won't be able to use more that 128GB of it. Get your drive from Best Buy or some other place with a good return policy and find out.
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