Important info about this whole 'Free iPod' thing...

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Everywhere I go, i see people posting their links, selfishly, to get you to sign up on, using them as a referrer (which is one of the requirements to get a free ipod, get 5 referrals). When you sign up for this site and you sign up for one of their sponsors' offers (which is the other requirement to get a free ipod), you are left with getting five other people to do the same before you can get your free ipod. You have nothing to benefit from using their links to sign up who spam in forums and chat rooms.

A conga line is a system that is setup to help people get referrals. When you join a conga, using the person that is on the top of the list to use as a referrer, you are added to the list. When each person gets all their referrals from new users signing up, the conga line moves on to the next person. When you are up, you get your referrals. Conga lines are a great way to take advantage of this offer, where everyone helps each other out, and everyone benefits.

The problem with most conga lines is that they are extremely unorganized, and because of this, one person can get 15 referrals when he only needs 5, and two other people could have moved through the conga, but didn't. Also, unorganized congas allow people to cheat their system and everyone using it. If you join a conga, make sure its an organized one. I highly recommend visiting .


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    I signed up for the freeipods thing on friday, did the ebay thing, got five of my friends to do it (and we all bid obviously). But it still hasn't updated we'll see if it works...

    btw, I can't believe that people don't have five friends to send this link to...I had it done in like 20 min no prob..

    *Crossing my fingers praying that it works*
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yeah right. Sounds about as good as the "shoot the iPod to win one" thing.
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    Blackwind, it takes one business day to verify, and the eBay offer is temporary.

    Aquatic, that is the worst comparison I have ever read in my life. What are you implying? My forum is a scam?
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    iPod pyramid schemes! Cool!

    All the spam you can eat!
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