Airport sometimes does not see network

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Recently, I have had intermittent problems with the Airport connection. Have a PC desktop connected via wire to Netgear router. My PB (10.3.4 -- all updates, etc.) uses the Airport Extreme card to connect to the internet via the router. Lately, maybe once a day after I have turned off Airport and closed the lid on the PB to sleep it, when I wake the PB and click to turn on the Airport, it does not show the network name, so I choose "Other". When I try to set it up that way, I am told that the network "Name" can't use the WPA setting (that IS the way we have it set through the router). I am totally unable to connect. This does not happen each time it sleeps and then wakes, only sometimes. Sometimes, if I wait a while and try again, it will come back on its own, and sometimes I have to reboot in order to connect. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening, and what to do about it? I do repair permissions (did so yesterday, as a matter of fact), and run Panther Cache Cleaner, so feel like the system should be "clean". Thanks in advance for any help.


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    well , it can be something simple as interference. It can happen , we have all had our fair share with these issues. wireless is not always perfect.

    One thing you may consider is moving the base station to a different locations. change the base station channels to elliminate interference. make sure you dont have close network active in airport admin utility.

    and finally , you can want to D/L macstumbler to analyse your network.

    KissMac software is the choice for the real geeks,

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    Thanks for your input! I will check into your suggestions this evening. So far, running well, just intermittent probs. Odd, though, that when I can't access with the PB, we can access via my husband's desktop and his wireless laptop (both PC). Have also had connection problems when we were staying at a hotel that provided high speed access -he could connect wirelessly with his laptop, but I could not (could see the network, just not able to download mail or load webpages). I could, however, connect with the ethernet cable.
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