iPod enclosure separation

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My 30GB Gen3 iPod purchased in June of last year is exhibiting an odd behavior. The metal back enclosure is separating from the front on the left side of the device. Right now, it's only enough to slide a business card into, but I fear that it exposes my iPod to the elements (and thus internal damage).

Any idea if there is a way to repair it? Am I SOL with regard to Apple support?


PS> Not sure how it could've happened as I care for my iPod very gently. It spends most of its time in a protective case. My only guess is that the heat here in Florida has taken its toll as the Pod travels from outside to AC indoors etc.


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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    Nevermind. Some forceful pressure on the right portion of the metal (side) clicked it back into place. Good as new, and it works fine!
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