Copying music from iPod back to PB? Clarify please!

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I need to send my PowerBook in for repair, and I need to back up my 2000 mp3's, as well as all my other documents I wish to keep.

I am also buying a 40GB iPod, which I figured I could buy now to back everything up on. My question is, if the PowerBook were to be wiped clean while in repair, could I transfer everything back from the iPod to the computer? I could save other files like Word/AppleWorks documents/QuickTime videos. I don't know if I'm being clear, like could I do the reverse of putting stuff on the iPod? Can I transfer everything from an iPod to a potentially blank PowerBook?



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    this1guythis1guy Posts: 23member
    (update: I bought a new 20GB iPod yesterday and have already put my entire collection of 1,998 songs on it).

    So if when I get my computer back, and if it is blank, can I put the music on my iPod back onto the PowerBook?

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    londorlondor Posts: 256member
    To transfer music from the iPod to the computer you have to use the iPod as a hard drive. Check this document
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    leppoleppo Posts: 66member
    You can either use the ipod as a hard drive, opening the invisible folder with all your music in it, as mentioned before, or download one of the many many fine utilities (some shareware, some free) that will do it for you. Look in versiontracker if you want to use a utility, just type ipod in the search field.
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