How to Copy IDVD "Themes" ?

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I'm currently finishing up a wedding video for a friend and can't figure out how to use my "theme" attributes (color,font,style) to make a label for the DVD. The problem is that all IDVD projects are saved as .dvdprj obviously this extention can't be opened in Photoshop or any label making software. On a PC I know it's easy to make a copy of any page, but I can't figure out how to do it here... any ideas ?

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    Have you tried the Grab utility on the Utilities folder? I hope it lets you copy the design of the theme.
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    leedleed Posts: 3member
    I'll give it a try a let you know ...

    Thanks ...
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    leedleed Posts: 3member
    I guess it's obvious I'm a Mac rookie ... It worked like a charm ... Thanks...

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    londorlondor Posts: 257member
    You can also press at once command+shift+4 and the pointer will change to a target point then select the area of the screen you want and it will take a picture of it. Also when the pointer is a target point if you press the space bar it will change to a camera and when over a window (it will go blueish) if you click the mouse it will take a picture of the window.
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