Sony mini DVD-R/RW media not recognized

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I own a second-generation Quicksilver Power Mac (dual 1 GHz) and I was recently given several 8cm mini-DVDs that were recorded onto by a fairly new Sony Handycam digital camcorder. Unfortunately, although Sony's website states that the media is recognized by most computers and DVD players, the blank-DVD dialog pops up and forces me to eject the disk. My two year-old Sony DVD player does not react positively to them either (after spinning it for a minute or so, tells me there is no disk inside). Is there anything I can do to force my DVD player or Power Mac to recognize the mini DVD as legitimate? Thanks in advance.


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    Incidentally, when I insert the disk in my Power Mac, the Finder tells me to initialize, eject, or ignore. I usually press ignore, but the Finder does not mount the disk. I can, however, go into apps like Disk Utility and Toast and "see" it (Toast and a few other "burning" apps refer to it as rdisk1, which I can only assume means RAM disk). I don't think this really helps much as I haven't been able to get past this point (i.e. trying to record from the disk in order to make a copy to burn on a "real" DVD always fails - but this makes sense if the system registers it as a RAM disk).

    What do you think would happen if I pressed Initialize? Normally, initializing completely erases the disk, but I don't think that would happen with a DVD-R. Even so, I don't want to put the data on these disks at risk....
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