More questions regarding spyware, WPA, etc,etc.

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Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone at AppleInsider for having the patience to answer my many questions. You people are great!

I've settled on the 12" iBook, with 768MB of RAM, 60GB HDD, Airport and Bluetooth. Before I go and buy it:

1) Is there any spyware that I should know about? If so, whats the best way to prevent infestation/get rid of it?

2) Does Norton AntiVirus slow down the system a lot?

3) How well does that monitor spanning hack for iBook work?

4) Does the Airport card in the iBook support WPA? (NOT WEP) I'm going to be enabling WPA on the D-Link router I'm purchasing.

5) How slow is the iBook? Will I notice a substancial UI/program loading performance hit?

6) How do my specs look? I'm mostly going to be surfing, IMing, typing essays and light photoshopping.





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    anyone? :-(
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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    That computer will work for you without problem for the applications you plan to use. You will see that my ibook is almost indentical to what you plan on purchasing.

    The machine seems pretty fast. I think you will be happy with it. WPA will work without problem. I'm using WPA right now. I am not running virus protection at the moment because I do not want to slow-down the system. Once I am on the full sub of .mac I might try the Virex software, but people seem to do ok without virus protection on macs.

    Yep, I think you will be happy. I sometimes regret not getting a Powerbook, but there wouldn't be that much extra there. The power, aluminium, and superdrive are all nice, but my ibook is good.

    I thought about using the spanning program hack to enable clamshell mode, but I couldn't make it work right. It seemed to be spanning even when I closed the lid, but it looked like it was working decent as a two monitor system. I wouldn't put all my hopes on that working flawless though.

    For spyware, I run little snitch sometimes, but I don't see anything phoning home that I don't mind phoning home, so I don't run it very often.
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