"iPoding" my Acura

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After the whole iPod your BMW thing came out I was thinking, it wouldnt be so hard to do that to my car. All I would have to do is open the empty slot meant for a cd player in my car and use the cables there to connect to my iPod. Now the only trouble is the actual connection to the iPod. I was wondering if anyone else has had this idea and made it work, or know how to connect it so you can get good sound. i was thinking about takin the cables from an old set of headphones, and soldering those wires to the ones in the car, im not sure itll work tho. help please


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    kwsn_hgskwsn_hgs Posts: 23member
    well, there is the small detail about the remote control (which allows a beemer driver to control their ipod via the steering wheel mounted controls). Probably not easy, surely not impossible. Much easier is an iTrip or equivalent.

    I think!
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    check out this alpine system for connecting your ipod through an alpine head unit. Also Dension has a system for connecting iPods to any factory system (so they claim).
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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    I have a system in my Honda Accord (same maker as your Acura) that I believe is as good or better than the BMW solution. I bought an adaptor (PVE? can't recall the exact company name) that plugs into my head unit's input for the CD Changer (which I did not have). That provides a regular RCA audio in.

    I installed it myself (instructions posted on the web) and had an easy time taking apart my dash (I actually did it in the parking lot after picking up the last part I needed at the Apple store).

    A power adapter for the iPod with an audio out built in (Griffin makes it, I think) sits in the cig lighter/power just below the dash and is connected to the head unit through an A/B switch (so I could also add XM radio). The iPod sits in the armrest/console. Only the remote control is visible. Perfect.

    I also have a Garmin GPS-enabled iQue 3600 PDA mounted on the dash. Don't be deterred, dig the web for your own solution and you'll find somehting that works.
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    h2osxh2osx Posts: 2member
    Nice, you sure u dont know the name cuz thats would be rly helpfull, but sounds like you have a sweet setup.

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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member

    Originally posted by H2OSX

    Nice, you sure u dont know the name cuz thats would be rly helpfull, but sounds like you have a sweet setup.



    You can find Honda/Acura Aux adapters at the link above. On average, they're around $60. I got mine at another site (below) which I think does a better job of showing you what you're getting etc., but is a bit more pricy. About mid-way down the link below is the Honda/Acura section and lists the specific vehicles and requirements.


    Add the following auto power/audio adapter so you only have to worry about 1 wire (Dock connector) to 'hide' to wherever you make the iPod's home.


    Typically, install includes removing a few screws and some nervously powerful 'tugs' on the console/dash components. Took me 15 minutes and there is no sign that I was ever in there.

    Let me know which model of acura you have and I may be able to offer install suggestions. I keep meaning to take pic's of my setup. If I get around to it I'll post them here.
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