Snow Airport Base Station=No More

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Well, here's my second thread of the day. Simulaneously, I ad the following problems last week:

1) Wife's iBook fried logic board

2) Comcast internet signal problems

3) Snow base station connection problems...from 8 feet away

My PB 1.25/AE would always have trouble recognizing non-AE base stations (snow, etc). I thought it might be my PB. But, it really happened more often at school, and at home all that would happen is I'd have to reselect the network. Finally, my PB would not recognize the network at all. Thought I was still having Comcast issues, the wireless signal was just not there. So, in the same trip to Apple store (see "wife's ibook thread), I had them look at my PB. It detected everything fine, and of course the problem was the bast station. Fixed the problem with an AE base station...everything is fine now.

My snow station still works from time to time. I'd like to know what you guys think the problem might be. Any way of using as a wireless print server?
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