panic panic panic! Help with 3G iPod

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Okay, so I just got notice from ebay that my 3G 10GB iPod sold... so what do I do? I run the 2004-07-15 iPod updater to "restore" the factory settings for the iPod. It completes and then tells me to connect the iPod to a power source so to reset. I do this and now the iPod is totally blank. It does nothing. When I hook it up to my PC, it does nothing. When I plug it into the wall, it does nothing? Any thoughts?


when connected to external power, I cannot hear anything from the iPod. When I disconnect it from external power, I can hear the hard drive churning if I hold it up to my ear.


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    fowler.fowler. Posts: 16member
    First off, did you try and reset it yet?
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member

    Originally posted by fowler.

    First off, did you try and reset it yet?

    Yeah, I followed the instruction booklet to reset it, but no dice. Then I jumped in my car and took it to my local Apple store. I watched, feeling like an idiot the whole time, as they did the exact same thing and "POOF!" it sprang back to life. I guess my WinPC contaminated fingers just don't have the Apple mojo! I am happy to report that it works now and I will be mailing to the ebay buyer tomorrow morning. I don't know what the Apple customer support is like if you try to reach them by phone or email, but their Minneapolis store staff are very friendly and were eager to explain what they did, why it was the right thing to do, and why it worked. Bravo to Apple and shame on Gateway for closing its brick and mortar stores and Dell for not even having them!
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    fowler.fowler. Posts: 16member
    Ha, isn't that how it always works though? I hate the feeling of walking in there so helpless like some total idiot, only for them to do what I had already tried with success.

    Glad to hear it worked out though
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