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in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, i never really understood these mail programs because ive always accessed my email through the web, but now since im on a mac now, i wanna use all their features and im sure having all my address book in there would make everything easier for me too.

im using gmail and i heard it doesnt work with the mail application and i was wondering which ones do, if any do at all. and how would i go about setting it up? thanks guys.


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    Before upgrading to 10.3 I was able to get my hotmail email via Mail. I was using some plugin that I found on the Web.
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    At this point you must use a web browser to use gmail (I have heard that Safari works, and FireFox does work). There is a plugin from a third party that allows it to fetch Hotmail mail (VersionTracker for it).
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