iMac G3400DV Ethernet Port

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all, I just attempted to connect a Cable Modem using Optimum Online. Besides including instructions for OS9 and not OSX, after I attempted to install the CD that came with it I got a message that the modem wasnt recognized as being connected. I know all the connections are right(although there are 2 cable splitters because they didnt send me a long enough coax cable and had to put 2 in a row using a splitter) so I attempted to pull out the ethernet cable and reconnect it.

The damn thing was so hard to get out i had to use a razor to push on the clip to pull it out-it took me 10 minutes of sweating and swearing!

Is it just me or is the ethernet port on the iMac G3 in a awkward spot or is the cable cheap? It plugged into the modem easily enough. Has anyone ever had a problem with the ethernet port in their iMac?

I just emailed Cablevision and told them of the problem and ask for instructions for OSX. I think I put the network settings correctly but Im not sure. Im also going to buy a ethernet cable tomorrow. If theres a hood over the clip forget about getting it out of the port!

For now, Im still on dial-up. And very frustrated!
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