iBook has SLOOOWED

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I'm not sure what happened to my computer. I have about 6 gig left on the 30gig hard drive of my iBook 800Mhz. with 640 ram. I installed 10.3 about a month ago. It was working fine, though I upgraded and did not do a complete clean install.

But like I said it was running fine for about a month, and now it runs real slow. The pinwheel starts everytime I open Safari, and lately it hasn't been able to open sites (like this, I'm on IE5 right now). I was using Limewire to download some movies, and some songs. But i never had had a problem with that before.

I have been running MacJanitor, to try and keep everything nice and tidy. I always put my computer to sleep, when I'm not using it. I shut it down and restart it maybe 1x week.

Problem is most sever when Adobe reader is running as well.

Please help.


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    Yeah I have the same configuration as you G3 iBook 800 640 10.3.4 and I have the same trouble. I mean applications run OKish, my biggest problem is finding files on the computer using the search/find function. It takes literally ages. Its quicker for me to manually hunt the file down myself. I was talking to a guy at our local mac center and he reckons the G3s even though they will run panther they're not quite 100% up to it. Forget about running Tiger when it comes out. The G3 will run Tiger, but if panther has slowed us down, Tiger will only be worse.
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    maybe you don't have enough hardrive space...

    Open Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder. Select System Memory and take a look at how much Virtual Memory your computer is using...

    Mine usually hovers at about 4-6 gb of virtual memory. 4 for even having nothing open at all!
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    Thanks. I went and opened Activity Monitor, and Fax Manger was open, and using half my CPU. I don't know why I haven't used my fax app on this for a month or so. I force quit it. Now things seem to be a lot faster. We'll see if this was the problem.

    Thanks so far.
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    Thanks for the tip on Activity Monitor; I did not know it even existed!

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