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I have 2 questions about an iPod:

1. What happens when you synch your iPod to your Mac when the music library size is bigger than the iPod capacity?

2. If I plug my iPod into someone elses Mac will it transfer my iPod music (purchnased from iTunes music store) to his itunes library and his music to my iPod?

I know I should just try, but actually none of my friends use iTunes or an iPod yet... believe it or not.


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    1. I haven't done that in awhile, but with my Mini, iTunes asked me if it should create a playlist of the most played songs. It's not like it would explode or something...

    2. No. An iPod can only be synced to one computer at a time. When you plug it into another computer it asks you if you want to replace the music on the iPod with the music on the computer. The existing music on the iPod, of course, would be deleted. Did your iPod come without the "Don't Steal Music" sticker on it?
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    When your music library exceeds the iPod's capacity, with the iPod connected, click on the options button. You'll be given the choice to either sync automatically (probably what you're doing at the moment) or to transfer songs manually. If you change to manually transfer songs, you can then drag drop only the songs you want from iTunes onto the iPod.
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