iPod/iTunes software update 1.2 play count feature isn't working properly

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Hope this is in the good forum. Sorry if it's not. But does anybody else notice the play counts aren't working the way it should (and the clock is evil too, not even European times are supported -> not the AM and Pm kinda way etc). Sometimes the play counts of the songs i played on my iPod are transported, but mostly they won't. A bit frustrating. What is the need of cool software/hardware if it's not working the way it should. Well basically i want to know if other people have this too, that way i know there isn't something wrong with my iPod/iTunes




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    fobiefobie Posts: 216member
    Play count seems to work for me. I also noticed that the clock gets messed up sometimes (it shows the wrong time even thou I set the time a couple of hours ago).

    Not having the 24h-clock sucks, I hate the AM/PM system (because I'm not used to it).

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